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All of our machines can make pavement bricks




Automatic Block Making Plant

We now feature a semi-automatic and a fully automatic model with


 PLC panel, capable of handling over 15 different programs for blocks and pavers.

The SHD1000-4BL Automatic Block Making Machine is similar to the SMB0100-4BL but this is a hydraulic machine which has the same production capabilities as the other machine, but produces a stronger block, due to the greater pound pressure applied by the hydraulic system.

 The block manufacturer can also realize substantial savings by using less cement. A ratio from 8:1 to 11:1 sand/cement can be achieved. This machine is designed for the manufacturer with limited space, limited budget and the desire to achieve good quality, high volume of blocks, with the minimum cash outlay.

There are many machines on the market that are much larger and triple the price, with a daily production that is similar or less than this machine. 

This machines can be equipped with an automatic elevator/skip for loading mix into hopper, agitator, an automatic pallet feeder, pallet ejector, brush for cleaning blocks and a run off conveyor (see above). It is suggested that you use a high capacity mixer of over 500 liters. A work force of 5 to 7 employees would keep this factory running at full capacity.

* Agitator is a device that is installed in the mold filler box that speeds up the filling of the mold and reduces wear on the hydraulic levers and filler box mechanism.

Model SHD1000-4BL

100 x 200 x 400 mold (4") = 06 blocks per cycle or 9000 per day 
150 x 200 x 400 mold (6") = 04 blocks per cycle or 6000 per day
200 x 200 x 400 mold (8") = 03 blocks per cycle or 4500 per day



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