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SBS 20

All of our machines can make pavement bricks

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STANDER Pavement and Block Machines

Model SBS 20

Manual machine, ideal for beginning block plants.

It can also manufacture: blocks, narrow channels, pavement stone, etc.

Ideal number of employees: 4
1 machine operator
1 concrete mixer operator
2 assistant to transport the pallets with the blocks.


Its production in 8 hours is:
3 blocks of 10,0  = 2.000 blocks a day
2 blocks of 15,0  = 1.500 blocks a day
1 block of 20,0   =    750 blocks a day
Pavement stone up to 70 m a day
Necessary employees: 04


Equipment mounted in chassis of 40 mm.
Dimensions = 1,50m height - 0,70m width - 0,90m length.
Equipment weight = 220Kg.

It follows two forms and engine.




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