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All of our machines can make pavement stones






Equipment mounted in chassis of 40 mm
Dimensions = 1,50m height - 0,60m width - 0,90m length
Equipment weight = 150Kg.
It comes equipped with one mold and motor



 Manual Block Machine for concrete blocks and pavers.

Manual machine, of semi-automatic movement, indicated for small constructors, small farm owners, etc.

It can also manufacture: blocks, narrow channels, pavement stones, etc.
Ideal number of employees:
1 machine operator
1 concrete mixer operator
1 assistant to transport the pallets with the blocks.

Its production in 8 hours is:                     

2 blocks of 10,0 = 1.000 blocks a day

1 block of 15,0  =  500   blocks a day

1 block of 20,0  =  500   blocks a day

Pavement stone up to 40 m a day 

Necessary employees: 03






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