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Your US based supplier of concrete block & brick making equipment from around the world.


1. Which machine is best suited for me?

Ask yourself the following questions: How much working space do I have available to produce and store blocks? How many blocks do I want to produce in a day? What is my initial budget for a machine? Please be aware that the average block yard that uses one of our machines for the production of blocks, usually have a minimum or 20,000 blocks in stock on any given day.

Once you have answered these questions, contact us by email and we will give you the specifications and price for the best suited machine. Please be prepared to give us your answers to the above questions.

2. Where are the machines made?

The machines are made in the United States. Custom machines and molds can be manufactured upon request.

3. Why are the machines so different?

Each customer have their own style of machine that they prefer. We research the machines, determine the reliability of the equipment and the companies, and if satisfied, we feature their machines. Our mission is to sell at least one machine that will satisfy the needs of anyone who is involved in a small to medium sized block making business. We can obtain more powerful and expensive machines but we are not set up to store and handle very heavy machines.

4. How do I order a machine from SBS?

Once you have decided on the best machine, you will be sent a Proforma Invoice (by email, fax or direct mail). You can then arrange for an electronic transfer or credit card payment of a 50% down payment. The desired machine and molds will then be manufactured as per your request, crated and cleared for shipment. We will then request the balance of payment. Upon receipt of the remaining balance plus shipping charges, the machine will be released to the shipper and forwarded to you. A bill of lading will be faxed or mailed to you (overnight mail). The machines are shipped directly from the manufacturer to your Port. Once the order is placed, the machine is built just for you. If you decide to cancel you order there will be a 20% service charge.

5. How will the machine be delivered to my premises?

We currently have customers in 26 countries who are using our machines. Most of these customers are in Central America, South America, Africa and the West Indies. We have a network of freight handlers to deliver machines to these countries. We deal with freighters that specialize in shipments to islands throughout the Caribbean. We ship from port to port. We no longer provide door to door service, because we've learned through experience that the customer can secure faster custom clearance and cheaper transportation in their own country. We always look for the least expensive way to ship your equipment.

6. In my area we make several different size blocks and bricks. Can I buy molds to suit?

We have several standard block molds available. We can also make a mold for almost any block, brick or paver that you might see, or design. Simply supply us with the exact dimensions and a sketch or photo of the product, and we will build a mold to suit it.

7. Do I need a machine for every type of brick or block that I make?

No. All of our machines can be fitted with any mold that was designed for that machine. That includes, paver molds, hollow block molds, solid block molds and all brick molds. So for example, today you can produce 6" blocks and tomorrow you can produce 4" blocks on the same machine by just changing the mold. The following day you can produce bricks. All you will need to do is remove one type of mold and replace it with another. These are quick change molds and the entire process takes about half an hour.

8. What happens if I have a breakdown?

We use FeDex or DHL International for emergency shipment to anyplace in the world. We are usually able to get spare parts to you within 72 hours. However these machines are so well built and robust, that there is seldom a complete breakdown that cannot be fixed on an emergency basis with parts that you can obtain locally or with the help of a technician or welder. We suggest regular maintenance of all moving parts. Do not allow concrete to accumulate on moving parts and molds, clean machine daily before closing up for the day. If you have some shapes (molds) that are vital to your business, we suggest that you purchase a replacement mold, as a backup.

9. What Raw Materials are needed to make blocks?

The raw materials required are cement, sand, stone chips and water.

10. What is an acceptable mix ratio?

The ratio of cement, sand and stone chips or gravel in the raw material mix determines the properties of hollow concrete blocks. A ratio of 1:3:7 [cement : sand: stone chips] confers higher strength, while a ratio 1:5:7 can be employed for normal load bearing construction. The water to cement ratio is usually 0.4:1, which is a little less than half the amount of water to cement.

11. We have many power outages.

If you live in an area that experiences regular power outages and blackout, we can provide you with a DIESEL powered machine. Take a look at the pricelist and you will find a price for the standard machine and a price for the "D" model. Some of our larger machines do not work well with a diesel engine and will require a 3 Phase 220/440 volts Power Generator capable of producing 15 to 20 KVA.

12. What will be my total cost.

If your equipment is purchased for use outside of the US, there is no sales tax or added charges. Your country might charge you an Import or Value Added Tax. There is very little tariff on this type of equipment. The additional taxes charged by most countries usually do not exceed 18%. Our charges to you are exactly as stated on the pricelist plus shipping charges.

13. Can I get installation:

Yes, only if said arrangements are made prior to receiving your equipment. There are some countries that are politically unstable or present a language barrier for our technicians. Sometimes it is impossible to get a technicians to travel to some countries. If no arrangement is made prior to purchasing the machine and a problem arise during installation, the customer is responsible for all wages and expense of the technician. In addition the technician will need at least 2 weeks advance notice.

14. Strength of Blocks:

Blocks produced by our machines will satisfy the building code requirements of most countries around the world. Different regions has different requirements. Hydraulic and Pneumatic pressed blocks usually have better compression that manual (gravity) press blocks. Our minimal compressive strength is 2000 PSI for our standard hollow/solid blocks. If you are using a mold that was designed by you, we suggest that you have the blocks tested for compression strength.



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